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We bought 2005 Dodge Ram. We flew into Dallas airport & they arranged to pick us up. The pick-up truck was exactly as described. We are very happy with it. The service was great. We had been a little nervous about buying truck unseen when we were in upstate NY & they were in TX. They are real professionals there. They took extra pictures of engine & under carriage & sent it to us. they let us keep truck there for 1 month until we could come down & pick it up. The facility was real high class. Much thanks to Dave Michener!

Nellie & Greg

Mansfield's #1 Used Car Dealer

Are you looking for a truck? We have all things trucks including diesels, gas, customs, and more. With our huge inventory of American trucks, you will find exactly what you need at North Texas Truck Stop, every time. We have Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Ram. We’ve even been known to stock a few SUVs, but our huge inventory of trucks is what we are known for. With our commitment to all things trucks, our staff has the experience and the knowledge that you need on your side while you are out there truck shopping.

We are a family owned business with a family friendly environment. We know how important a truck can be to the family, and we encourage you to bring anyone you need. We are a tight knit group of people because at North Texas Truck Stop, we believe in keeping employees for life. At North Texas Truck Stop, we have the right inventory, with the right prices and the right attitude. Come down to Mansfield and see for yourself. We serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and we can’t wait to do business with you!