Plan Ahead By Calculating Your Estimated Payments

As much as we would love to be able to just go to a dealership, pick out the vehicle that we want, and not have to worry about the price, we know that most people, us included, can't do that. We have to plan what our monthly payment may be to see if we can afford to add that amount into our financial budget and then continue our shopping from there.

Calculate Your Monthly Payment And Total Loan Amount In No Time

You can do this easily by using our online calculate my payments tool. Simply enter in the vehicle's price, the interest rate, the amount you have for a down payment, and any trade-in value's estimate and click "calculate payment". In a matter of seconds, you will receive an estimated monthly payment, including a payment for 12-month, 24-month, 36-month, 60-month, and 72-month loans, and an estimated total loan amount. If you need a lower monthly payment, you want to see what a higher down payment would do to your total amount, or you just want to test out a few different prices, feel free to recalculate as many times as you need.

Use Our Calculator Before Or After You Find Your Used Diesel Truck

Our calculator can be used at any time throughout the car buying process. Although we recommend using it before you start, to get a better idea of what price range you can afford, we also encourage you to use it multiple times along the way. Interested in a different diesel truck after you've already calculated the estimate for a different truck? Saved more money for a down payment then you had before? Did you decide to trade in your current vehicle instead of trying to sell it yourself? You can readjust your calculations as many times as you need.

Where Can I Find A Vehicle After I Find The Perfect Monthly Payment?

Whether you're looking for a diesel work truck that can keep up with your daily chores or a truck that's built for your weekend adventures, you will find it in the pre-owned truck inventory here at North Texas Truck Stop. We offer a wide variety of used diesel trucks in every make, model, trim level, powertrain, and package and include vehicles from such top brands as Ford, Dodge, Ram, Chevy, and GMC. Each of these vehicles have been thoroughly inspected by our trained technicians, include a CARFAX® vehicle history report, and have been brought on a comprehensive test drive to ensure that every part, from bumper to bumper, is in working order. We know that our used diesel trucks are ready for whatever task you may place before them. Take your time as you peruse our many used models and input each price into our calculator tool to see if your monthly budget can afford the estimated payment that it's suggesting. If so, feel free to stop by our Mansfield TX, showroom, located right outside of DFW, Dallas, and Fort Worth, and take any of our pre-owned trucks for a test drive today!

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This calculator is intended solely for general informational purposes and is provided as a rough estimate based on the information provided above by the user. You should not take action based on the information provided through this interest calculator alone. Please note that title, registration, and other fees were not considered in the calculations and when available, we recommend using interest rate information provided to you by your dealer or lender.
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